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Ice hockey Training simulator for dribbling, passing, training overall puck control.

Ice hockey Dribbling Simulator Set off-season

Reference: Hokker.pro


Training simulator for dribbling, passing, training overall puck control.


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Ice hockey Dribbling Simulator Set off-season

Hokker.pro hockey simulator is designed to hone your hockey skills and improve your existing playing skills, just like on an ice rink.
The effectiveness of the simulator has been tested in practice.
The training snake (120 cm) is made specifically for dribbling – perfecting the skill of dribbling the puck or ball around various obstacles on the player’s path.
The simulator represents a new generation of polymer hockey simulators, which is ideal for hockey training, at any age, regardless of your location and season.
The hockey simulator is a playing surface made of polymer, synthetic material – artificial ice.
The size of the simulator is 3 by 1.5 meters, and the kit also includes a passer – a return console, 80 cm long. Such a simulator can be used to train hockey players in the off season, it can be used to practice dribbling, standing shots, receiving and passing the puck.

Set includes

1. Plastic ice 1.5 * 3 m
2. Unique design specialized puck Hokker.pro, which slides on any flat surface.
3. Passer, 80cm bump return console.
4. Snake, 3 part flexible obstacle for dribbling.

The puck weighs 165g, the dimensions are the same as for a real washer 25 * 76mm.
The ice is made of hard yet flexible polyester plastic imitating real ice.
Puck is made of special plastic caprolactan.

All plastics are safe for children and animals.
The total weight of the set is 5.6 kg.

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